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Wednesday, 27 May 2015



Aladdin - Cartoons Wikipedia

Aladdin is an animated television series made by Walt Disney Television.
Aladdin's first show was broadcasted on September 5, 1994.
There were a total of 86 episodes of Aladdin.

                                           Cartoons Wikipedia: Aladdin is an animated television series made by Walt Disney Television which aired from 1994 to 1995, based on the original 1992 feature. It was animated at the Slightly Offbeat Productions Studios in Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand. Coming on the heels of the direct-to-video sequel The Return of Jafar, the series picked up where that installment left off, with Aladdin now living in the palace, engaged to beautiful and spunky Princess Jasmine. "Al" and Jasmine went together into peril among sorcerers, monsters, thieves, and more. Monkey sidekick Abu, the animated Magic Carpet, and the fast-talking, shape-shifting Genie came along to help, as did sassy, complaining parrot Iago, formerly Jafar’s pet but now an antihero. Jafar, having previously been destroyed in the second movie, returns in only one episode which also serves as a crossover with Hercules: The Animated Series.

Aladdin - Aladdin - Cartoons Wikipedia
Aladdin is a fictional character and the protagonist of Disney's 1992 animated feature film Aladdin.When Aladdin is introduced initially, he is 18 years old. He never received a formal education, and has only learned by being on the streets of Agrabah. He steals to survive, making him a sort of Robin Hood-type thief.

Princess Jasmine - Aladdin - Cartoons Wikipedia
Princess Jasmine is a fictional main character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 31st animated feature film Aladdin. Jasmine was based on the character Princess Badroulbadour from the Arabic folk tale "Aladdin". Jasmine is the beautiful and well sought-after Princess of Agrabah who is being forced by an age-old law to marry a prince in time for her sixteenth birthday.

Abu - Aladdin - Cartoons Wikipedia
Abu is Aladdin's kleptomaniac monkey partner with a high-pitched voice and can talk a little. Abu is seen accompanying Aladdin during his daily adventures as they try to steal food to live. When Abu and Aladdin finally are about to eat, they see two children looking for food among garbage, and Abu is forced to share his stolen food with them when Aladdin voluntarily does so. After Aladdin gets arrested by Razoul on Jafar's orders, Abu enters the dungeon but is unable to free his friend.

Genie - Aladdin - Cartoons Wikipedia
The Genie is a jinn and is never given a proper name in the film "Aladdin". Genie serves as comic relief in each of his appearances. He is shown to have unlimited shapeshifting abilities, which allow for many and varied sight gags. Genie's supernatural abilities permit him to break the fourth wall, as well as parody real-life people. 

Iago - Aladdin - Cartoons Wikipedia
Iago is a fictional supporting character in the animated Aladdin films and television series produced by The Walt Disney Company. He appeared in the first film as the sidekick to the villian antagonist Jafar. Jafar had picked up Iago in Agrabah's bazaar and reared him as his accomplice in crime. Iago often says how he hates the food which the Sultan always gives him. 

Jafar - Aladdin - Cartoons Wikipedia
Jafar is the main antagonist in Aladdin. In Aladdin, Jafar is the Grand Vizier of Agrabah, the Sultan's most trusted advisor. Jafar secretly plots to possess the Genie's magical oil lamp and wish to be the ruler of Agrabah. Jafar sends Aladdin to retrieve the lamp from the Cave of Wonders. Jafar decides to mind control the Sultan into arranging a marriage between himself and Princess Jasmine.

Magic Carpet - Aladdin - Cartoons Wikipedia
Magic Carpet replace the Genie of the Ring in the original story. It is an ancient carpet that was found by Aladdin in the Cave of Wonders' treasure room. It is a character without a voice, and expresses itself entirely through pantomime and movements. It is playful, as it reacts with Abu, intelligent, as it beats Genie at chess, and helpful, as it helps Aladdin romance Princess Jasmine. It sometimes uses its tassels as hands and feet to accentuate its feelings.

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