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Wednesday, 27 May 2015



Baby Looney Tunes - Cartoons Wikipedia

Baby Looney Toones was directed by Jeffrey Gatrall, Michael Hack, Scott Heming and Composed by Steven Bernstein ,Julie Bernstein.
Baby Looney Toones's first show was broadcasted on September 7, 2002.
There were a total of 53 episodes of Baby Looney Toones.

                                Cartoons Wikipedia: Baby Looney Tunes is an American animated television series showing the Looney Tunes characters as babies. It was produced by Warner Bros. Animation. The show premiered on WB stations usually before or after the Kids' WB! block on September 7, 2002 and continued to air on Cartoon Network until 2006. The show is similar to Muppet Babies, with the main characters taken care of by Granny.

Bugs Bunny - Baby Looney Tunes - Cartoons Wikipedia
He is indicated to be the oldest of the babies, which validates him as the leader. His leadership however does tend to cause dispute, especially with Lola and Daffy.

Baby Lola - Baby Looney Tunes - Cartoons Wikipedia
She is second in the lead after Bugs but sometimes she takes charge. Her independence is greater than the others and she has more boyish tendencies than the other girls.

Baby Daffy - Baby Looney Tunes - Cartoons Wikipedia
 He is self-indulgent and always wants his personal gain. When problems arise, he believes it is himself who is treated unfairly, not noticing the inconvience inflicted on the others. Half the time, he does show and mean good intent.

Baby Melissa - Baby Looney Tunes - Cartoons Wikipedia
She often sticks with Petunia. She is a highly ambitious and thoughtful sort with a good nature, but at times she can be a control freak and get on the others nerves.

Baby Petunia - Baby Looney Tunes - Cartoons Wikipedia
She often sticks with Melissa. She is smarter than the other babies with insatiable curiosity.

Baby Taz - Baby Looney Tunes - Cartoons Wikipedia
As much as Taz is well behaved, he often mistakes various objects for food and sometimes breaks things with his spin. He has a sense of fun which exceeds all the others and he is prone to being a cry baby.

Baby Tweety - Baby Looney Tunes - Cartoons Wikipedia
The youngest and the smallest of the gang. Depicted as the brainstormer, because he comes up with ideas when the others are fresh out of them. He is very sensitive about his small frame and curious about what he encounters.

Baby Sylvester - Baby Looney Tunes - Cartoons Wikipedia
At times he is shy and hesitant and he makes an easy target for Daffy to hoax and trade with. He is rarely seen using his claws. He likes to get attention from Granny more than the others.

Granny - Baby Looney Tunes - Cartoons Wikipedia
She offers professional love and care for the babies to keep them happy. The babies are fascinated and touched by her wisdom and her ability to overcome problems when they arise.

Floyd Minton - Baby Looney Tunes - Cartoons Wikipedia
Granny's nephew. Sometimes he is overwhelmed by the responsibility he takes on the babies but he is determined never to let Granny down.
There are many other characters which make their entry in some of the episodes:

  • Baby Porky
  • Baby Elmer
  • Baby Sam
  • Baby Gossamer
  • Baby Michigan
  • Baby Wile E. & Road Runner
  • Baby Foghorn
  • Puppy Barnyard
  • Baby PepĂ©
  • Baby Marvin
  • Puppy K-9
  • Baby Instant Martians 

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