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Wednesday, 27 May 2015



Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia

       Shin Chan was created by Mitsuru Hongo, Keiichi Hara and Yuji Muto.
Shin Chan's first show was broadcasted on April 13, 1992.
There were a total of 818 episodes of  Shin Chan.

                               Cartoons Wikipedia: Crayon Shin Chan first appeared in a Japanese weekly magazine called Weekly Manga Action, which is published by Futabasha. The anime Crayon Shin Chan has been on TV Asahi since April 13, 1992, and on several television networks, worldwide. Many of the jokes in the series stem from Shin Chan's occasionally weird, unnatural and inappropriate use of language, as well as from his mischievous behaviour. A typical gag used by Shin Chan is confusing his parents by using the wrong phrase for the occasion. For instance, saying "Welcome back " instead of a using a more suitable wording such as "I am home" when he comes home. Shin Chan regularly becomes besotted with pretty female characters who are much older than him, and an additional source of humor is derived from his childlike attempts at wooing these characters, such as by asking them "Do you like green peppers?". He continually displays a lack of tact when talking to adults, asking questions such as "How many people have you killed?" to tough-looking men or "When are you going to die?" to elderly people. Yoshito Usui died on September 11, 2009 after a fall at Mount Arafune. After Usui died, Futabasha originally planned to end Crayon Shin-chan in November 2009. Upon discovering new manuscripts, Futabasha decided to extend the comic's run until the March 2010.

Shin Chan Nohara - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Shin Chan Nohara (Shinnosuke Nohara) is the main character, a kindergarten-aged boy. He is five and loves chocolate biscuits, especially "Choco Chips" and a TV superhero named "Action Kamen", but he absolutely hates green peppers. Sometimes he changes the words of a song, making it very funny. He often exhibits deep affection for his friend Kazama. Some of his strange activities include dressing up (often as an animal). He causes big trouble for others. There have been several instances in which his foolishness actually solved the problems but these are often immediately followed by antics that negate the goodwill others feel.

Misae Nohara - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Misae Nohara, the mother of Shin Chan is from Kumamoto. She is 29 and a housewife. She will immediately break her husband and son once they are out of sight. She administers brutal physical and verbal punishment to her family members. Her famous and symbolic moves includes "drilling' others head with her fists and a series of punches on the head, creating comically large lumps. While she spends little time on the essential needs of her husband and son, she loves to splurge on Himawari and herself. Most of her luxury purchases, often end up broken or ruined by her children. She loves bargain sales. She is also known to be a terrible driver.

Hiroshi Nohara - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Hiroshi Nohara,the father of Shin Chan is from Akita in Northern Japan. While he is the family bread-winner, he hands the reins of finance over to his wife, who maintains a totalitarian level of control on family spending. He is a 35 year old,Japanese salaryman,working eight-hour days. He and his wife bicker on many different things, from how little he gets for spending money every month, to whose turn it is to give the baby a bath.Misae is also notorious for inflicting violence on Hiroshi whenever she gets very angry. 

Himawari Nohara - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Himawari Nohara, the youngest child of the Nohara family, born in 1996. A precocious and vibrant infant. While technically newborn, her character has matured and grown more intelligent during her stay in the series. She possess a palpable lust for shiny objects (jewels and precious metals) and brand-name goods, being able to discern a real jewel from a simple piece of imitation (and throwing away the latter). In her family, she is an icon of adoration and annoyance, causing trouble she cannot be blamed for given her infantile innocence. She can be extremely fast crawling, tiring out even Shin-chan, and often uses Shiro as a toy. After becoming big her friends are Nike Chan, Nisu Chan and some more children.

Shero - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
A white, fluffy pup, Shin Chan found in a cardboard box early in the series. While a beloved member of the family, he is the subject of neglect. He is a very intelligent dog and his meals from the Noharas are at best inconsistent, though some times he has to eat Misae's failed culinary experiments. He takes care of his owners diligently. His doghouse also often ends up becoming a place for Shin Chan to hide himself or something he doesn't want his family to find.

Kazama - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Kazama is Shin Chan's perfectly mannered friend, who usually loses his nerves with Shin Chan's antics. Despite Kazama's annoyance, they are actually quite closer than any other friend. A strong evidence is that when Kazama was extremely frustrated and lonely in several episodes, Shinchan was the only one who stayed with him. He participates in extracurricular activities like English Conversation and always seems to know everything about any subject.

Nene Chan - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Nene Chan is Shin Chan's female classmate and friend. She loves to play 'real omamagoto', or 'real house', in which divorces and arguments are very common and she typically forces/blackmails the boys to play with her. This is always a nuisance to Shin Chan, Bo Chan, and Kazama and a nightmare to Masao as he often needs to be Nene's husband (unsuccessful salaryman) in the plot. She occasionally sees her mother go crazy or do something out of character and literally says "You're not my usual mom". Like her mother, she hits a stuffed bunny to relieve her anger. Alternatively, Nene uses Masao as the lightning rod for her frustration. She considers Ai her rival. It is also hinted that she may have a crush on Shin.

Masao - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Masao is the funniest and smallest member of Kazukabe Defence Organization. He is known to be a scaredy cat, and a bit of a cry baby. Even though Masao is known to be spineless, there was once when he betrayed Shin Chan over a pack of candies. His nickname is "Onigiri" due to his shaven head's resemblance to a rice ball. His friends use it as a term of endearment, while the people that bully him use it as a put-down. His hobby is to write comics. His father actually owns a supermarket from which all his friends buy material.

Woo Chan - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Another of Shin-chan's friends, he seems slow and expressionless, but is actually quite smart and has an interest in artistic, adult-oriented things. He loves to collect various kinds of stone and investigating urban legends and various mysterious objects such as UFO's. He often surprises his friends with his insight, though he speaks quite slowly. He always has a trail of mucus running down his nose and can perform various tricks with it.
Ai Chan - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Ai Chan began appearing on October 12, 1999. She is from a middle class family and happened to be enrolled in to the kindergarten at Kasukabe. She is always seen riding in a black limousine and with a bodyguard. She fell in love with Shin Chan and she uses his weaknesses (Action Mask, Choco Chips) to get him to notice her. Masao likes her very much, but Ai Chan almost never pays attention to him. She is also a fierce rival of Nene but after they grow up they become best friends. 

Misae's Father - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Misae's father. Age 63. He has made appearances in several of Shin-chan's episodes. As a retired teacher, he has much higher standards of public decorum than Hiroshi's father Ginnosuke. This uptight behavior of his sometimes becomes the subject of jokes. Although he is quite stubborn (a trait that passed to his daughters) and conservative, he is actually a caring person. He is also quite childish in some occasions and argue with his wife about very minor things, this often results in him and Ginnosuke "flee" to the Noharas, causing troubles to Misae.

Misae's Mother - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Misae's mother. Age 58. Her appearances in Shin-chan's episodes are usually with her husband. Like her husband, she looks down on the way Hiroshi's father behaves, but she gets along well with Ginnosuke's wife Tsuru. She always fights over little things with her husband Yoshiji.

Misae's Older Sister - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Misae's older sister. Age 35. She is single, her appearances on the show are rare. It is possible that Misae learned some of her moves from her. She shares some of the same mischievous antics as Shin-chan and Ginnosuke.

Gin Chan  - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Hiroshi's father. Age 65. Like his son and his grandson, he enjoys looking at and flirting with pretty young women. He also likes to do weird things with his grandson and taught him many of his habits. His appearance in the show is relatively common. He is affectionately called Gin Chan. When he visits the Noharas, he always stays for much longer than Misae would like, leading to friction between the two. He greets the family in various strange ways whenever they visit Akita, such as dressing as various movie characters.

Tsuru  - Shin Chan - Cartoons Wikipedia
Hiroshi's mother. Age 62. Although she seems to be more mature than her husband, she actually exhibits many strange behaviours especially in front of Shin Chan and Himawari.

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